Georgia: Circus Mircus’ participation in Eurovision 2022 entitled ”Lock Me In” was released today

Georgia: Circus Mircus’ participation in Eurovision 2022 entitled ”Lock Me In” was released today

The participation of Circus Mircus with the title ‘Lock Me In” for Eurovision 2022 in Turin was released today.

The Circus Mircus were selected internally by the Georgian broadcaster, GPB, to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy in May.

Today, a day earlier than planned, the song of the band Circus Mircus was released with the title “Lock Me In”.

The official music video was to be released along with the song. Due to the war in Ukraine, the band Circus Mircus considered that it was not the right time and decided to release only audio, using the black background instead of the official music video, in order to express their support for what they are facing now the Ukrainian people.

Ιn addition the Circus Mircus’ band reported:

“We hope to post our music video in the near future, when these terrible events are over and our societies start getting back to normal.”

Emilia Sandkvist, a member of the band Sacha Jean Baptiste, will be in charge of directing the song of Circus Mircus in Turin.

The group Circus Mircus will be performing in the first half of the 2nd semi final on May 12 in Turin, Italy. 

A fews word for Circus Mircus

The band was formed in late 2020 in Tbilisi, when the three of them became friends and left the circus academy to form their own band. According to a member of the band, the three of us “were not good enough, probably the worst on the crew, and that’s why we became friends.”

Circus Mircus is a progressive rock band, which plays mostly experimental music, mixing many genres, each of which represents a life experience as well as the “inner world” of each member.

Although the band was created at the end of 2020, they already have several singles in their discography. the titles of the singles are: The Ode to the Bishkek Stone”, “Semi-Pro”, “Better Late”, Weather Support”, “Rocha”, “23:34” and “Musicien”.

Georgia in Eurovision

Georgia has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 2007 and has not won the competition to date.

Best placing so far was in 2010 with Sofia Nizharadze with her song “Shine”, and in 2011 with Eldrine with her song “Eldrine” which finished 9th in the final.

In 2021 represented by Tornike Kipiani who sang “You” but failed to qualify for the final, finishing 16th in the second semi-final with 16 points.

News Source: Circus Mircus/wikipedia

Image: Circus Mircus

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