Georgia: Georgian Idol auditions kick off in Tbilisi

Georgia: Georgian Idol auditions kick off in Tbilisi

The auditions of the T.V talent show Georgia’s Star , the Georgian edition of Pop Idol, kick off in the capital city of Tbilisi.

This year the Georgian national broadcaster, GPB, decided that the talent show Georgia’s Star , the Georgian edition of Pop Idol, will be the formula through which the country will select is Eurovision 2019 representative. The whole production of the show will unfold under the umbrella of Nova Productions , while auditions are scheduled to take place all over the country in order to select the final 10 that will compete for the golden ticket that leads to Tel Aviv. A four member special jury and the Georgian audience will determine the final outcome of the show.

Therefore the first auditions took place in the city of Tbilisi. where a number of acts lined up to introduce themselves and win a spot in the next round of the competition. The audition in Tbilisi will last three days and then move to another city. The whole program of auditions has as following:


  • October 30 – Telavi & Gurjaani
  • October 31 – Akhmeta & Lagodekhi
  • November 1 – Gori
  • November 2 – Borjomi & Akhaltsikhe
  • November 3 – Tbilisi
  • November 4 – Tbilisi
  • November 6 – Chiatura
  • November 7 – Kutaisi

Georgian Idol will start being broadcast from January 1  on GPB.

The Eurovision Story So Far

Georgia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest first time in 2007 with Sopho Khalvashi and her song Visionary dream . Since then it has competed 11 times missing out only the 2009 edition of the contest, when they chose to withdraw. Its best results were scored  in Oslo with Sofia Nizharadze and her song Shine(2010) and Dusseldorf with Eldrine and the entry One More Day (2011) when both achieved a 9th placing  in the Grand Final.

In 2018 the Ethno Jazz Band Iriao were internally selected to represent the country in Lisbon with their entry For you. For a second year in a row Georgia failed to qualify to the grand final.


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