Georgia: National selection process of “Georgia’s Star” begins its quest

Georgia: National selection process of “Georgia’s Star” begins its quest

On October 27 the quest for Georgia’s next Eurovison act begins. The country puts forward its plans to seek for the next Eurovision representative in Tel Aviv.

As we have recently updated you, this year Georgia has decided to determine its Eurovision 2019 act through the talent show Georgia’s Star . The auditions of  the show will be held in different parts of the country, while the first round of them are scheduled to take place in the capital city of Tbilisi.

The first heat of the show will take place on January 1 and only after several weeks will we find out the next Georgian Eurovision representative. Τhe talent show has already past bonds with Eurovision , since the winner of its 4th season Nodiko Tatishvili and the 2nd placed of its 5th season, Sopho Gelovani represented the country in Eurovision. Nodiko&Sopho competed in Eurovision 2013 with the song Waterfall and came 15th. Georgia is the 4th country so far to select its Eurovision act through a talent show after Spain, Malta and Israel.

This year the country was represented by  Iriao and their song For you, which finished in the last place of the 2nd semi final, the country’s worst placing ever.

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