Georgia: Ranina first show results

Georgia: Ranina first show results

Ranina, the show via which Georgia will select its next JESC 2020 representative has completed its first show with the first set of results on the scoreboard. 

After the first show’s results, Rati Gelovani is in the lead on the scoreboard for the Georgian JESC 2020 selection. A total of 5 acts out of 10 competed in the first of the four thematic rounds before a three member jury that awarded up to 40 points to each act.

The ten acts that will compete on stage in this year’s season are:

  • Sesili Turmanidze  
  • Veronika Shamugia 
  • Sandra Gadelia 
  • Rati Gelovani 
  • Gio Gogiashvili 
  • Marita Khvedelidze 
  • Nikoloz Maghradze 
  • Shio Kavsadze 
  • Nia Khinchikashvili 
  • Lela Kveniashvili 


The three members of the jury for the 1st thematic round were:

  • Elene Kalandadze ( Singer – Morning show host on 1st Channel)
  • Davit Evgenidze ( Composer- Musician, First Channel producer)
  • Giorgi Asanishvili (Host of the program ‘Akustikis’)


The show will include four thematic rounds with two episodes for each round ( 5 acts in each episode). In all round a three membered jury will assess the 10 candidates while in each thematic round there will be a different jury. The five acts that receive the most points during these 8 heats will qualify to the semi final round. From the 5 semi finalists three acts will pass to the grand final show, from which one will be selected to represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision 2020.

Therefore the top 5 results with he jury vote breakdown after the first show turned out as below:

  1. Rati Gelovani  with 116 points ( 40+40+36 points)
  2. Gio Gogiashvili with 115 points ( 40+40+ 35 points)
  3. Nia Khinchikashvili with 114 points ( 40+40+34 points)
  4. Lela Kveniashvili with 114 points ( 40+40+34 points)
  5. Sesili Turmanidze with 114 points ( 40+40 + 34 points)

The second show of Ranina will hit the screens next Friday with the second episode of the same thematic round.

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