The Georgian national broadcaster,GBP has revealed the five songs that will compete in their national final for their Eurovision Song Contest entry. The presentation took place  during 1TV’s Communicator programme and the voting has kicked off  on January 01 and will be on until  January 14, the day when the five acts will be brought on stage for the national final. Take a look below to the five acts and their entries that will compete for the golden ticket to Vienna.

1.Misha Sulukhia – One and only

2.Nina Sublati – Warrior

3.Eter Beriashvili – If someone

4.Niutone – Run away

5.Edvard Meison – We are free

In last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Georgia were represented by Mariko and the shin. After being internally selected, they finished last in the second semi-final and failed to qualify for the final