Georgia: The semi-finalists of Ranina 2021 selected

Georgia: The semi-finalists of Ranina 2021 selected

The six acts that qualified to the semi final stage of the Georgian selection for Junior Eurovision 2021 have been selected. 

Georgia is determining for one more year their Junior Eurovision 2021 representative through the Ranina competition, the 4th season reached it 8th episode during which the six semi finalists were determined. 

In last evening’s show all 10 contestants  performed on stage four songs each before a jury panel, the memers of which selected the top six acts that qualified to the semi final stage.

Namely the acts that took the stage along with their respective results that determined the six qualifiers are: 

  • Barbara Makhatadze – 478 points
  • Datuna Luarsabishvili – 478 points
  • Gega Shonia – 480 points
  • Guga Nadiradze – 479 points
  • Keso Rusia – 480 points
  • Nikoloz Kajaia – 480 points

Therefore the four acts that didn’t make it to the next stage are:

  • Nini Orkoshneli – 474 points
  • Andria Beridze – 472 points
  • Mariam Bukhnikashvili – 475 points
  • Ioana Navadze – 477 points

The Semi-Final round of Ranina 2021 is scheduled for October 30, with the jury assigned to select the three finalists. In case you want to take a look last night’s performances you can watch the video below:

Last year Sandra Gadelia wonthe show “Ranina” and represented Georigia in Warsaw with the song “You are not alone” which finished 6th with 111 points. 

News Source: GPB/ Eurovoix

Image: GPB

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