Gergias’s First Rehearsal

Gergias’s First Rehearsal

With mirrors and caleidoscopes started the Georgian first rehearsal today, which was again directed by Sacha Jean-Baptiste. The performance contains some real innovations for the Eurovision Song Contest as we will see mirror effects and duplicated images of the band members on the TV screens during the act of the band. The act is shown using quick camera cuts and zooms, supported by flashing lights and animations, creating a psychedelic look and feel that sometimes resembles a caleidoscope. The band have their original instruments on stage, except the pedalboard which is shown as a hand-modeled prop.

The Georgian song started out with the four piece band in black silhouette and during their singing procedure a row of pipes which looks like a radiator is litten up at the front of the stage.

There are pink and blue lights in the background which are not colours and everyone associate it with an indie band. The lead singer is wearing a trilby hat which he removes prior to the chorus.

At the chorus when the tempo changes a mass of yellow lights flash to give a more energetic effect. The camera work flashes between colour and black and white at random moments. On the third rehearsal  the stage had more colourful lighting towards the end of the song.

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See some of the statement the Georgian statements backstage before their first rehearsal:

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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