Germany 2018: A New National Final for Germany

Germany 2018: A New National Final for Germany

With an international panel, Germany will decide the song for Eurovision Song Contest 2018.Apart from televoting, a hundred-member European committee and an international jurywill decide the German participation for Lisbon. The European Commission will represent the European viewers and will participate in the selection of the song during the German final. The international commission will consist of 20-25 people, who have been members of the judges’ committees in their countries in recent years and have already participated in the Eurovision jury vote.

 ARD’s Thomas Schreiber states:

In recent months, we have had a lot of intensive discussions, tried everything and received advice and criticism. Our goal is a new beginning, a combination of passion, understanding and analysis. We want to make a new start for Germany in the competition. Our goal is to respond to the taste of the international audience and to the international music competition.

Those who wish to take part in the German Final can register until 6 November 2017 at 12:00. From all candidates (applicants or NDR proposals), the European Commission will select 20 to participate in the national final. The NDR will evaluate the 20 candidates, their voice and stage performance and then the European and International Commission will choose 5. At the same time, the NDR will look for a song that is appropirate for each of the 5 candidates.

Germany, as a member of Big 5 is directly participating in the Eurovision Song Contest Final. In 2017 Germany lasted 25th with 6 points with Levina interpreting Perfect Life. The last victory of the country was in 2010 with Lena and the song Satellite.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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