Germany 2018: First rehearsal for Michael Schulte

Germany 2018: First rehearsal for Michael Schulte

Third Big 5 country to rehearse is Germany . This year the country is represented by  Michael Schulte , who will tell us his story of his father with his song  You let me walk alone.

He appears alone on the stage in a dark scene while he himself wears black clothes. During the chorus different lyrics are displayed on a LED screen on the background. After some father son photos come up on the same screen.

During the bridge of the song the scene changes as black and white patterns are displayed are demonstrated on the led screen changing again after a while in lyrics but this time with a intense red color on stage and the surrounding space.

Very good local performance for Michael and strong face expressions that pass the song sentimental message. Great applause coming from the media in the press center.

Take a look at Michael’s first rehearsal :

Angelo D.

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