Germany: Ann Sophie is the eighth finalist

Germany: Ann Sophie is the eighth finalist

Unser Song für Österreich – Das Clubkonzert one step away from the national Final that will determine Germany’s representative in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, and the audience chose the  8th and last act that will compete in the final.

The German audience decided that Ann Sophie will join the seven artists already qualified for the national selection that will take place on 5 March.Ann Sophie with Jump the gun won the public’s vote out  of the ten that performed on the stage of the Grossen Freiheit 36 Center in Hamburg. She will be joining the other 7 finalists, Alexa Feser, Andreas Kümmert, Fahrenhaidt,Faun, Laing, Mrs. Greenbird, Noize Generation.

The final gala ofUnser Song für Österreich, which will be held in the Arena of the Expo-Plaza in Hannover on 5 March.

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