Germany: Lena releases her new single “Strip”

Germany: Lena releases her new single “Strip”

Lena, the Eurovision 2010 winner for Germany, has released her new song ‘Strip’ the lead single of her upcoming new album. 

“Strip” is written by Lena herself, Nicolas Rebscher, Sophie Simmons. In the song, Lena sings that she doesn’t care about the opinion of others, that she doesn’t need a drama and that fake compliments are by far the best. 

You can listen to the song in the following Official video.

The song is also availiable on digital streaming platforms: 

Lena in Eurovision

Lena represented Germany in the eurovision song contest twice, in 2010 with the song ” Satellite finishing in first place with 246 points and in 2011 with the song ” Taken by a stranger ” winning the tenth place with 107 points.

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