In January, Germany’s public broadcaster, NDR, organized a three-day songwriting camp to find songs for the six finalists of the “Unser Lied für Lissabon”, Germany’s national contest for the country’s entry at ESC 2018.

So earlier today, the broadcaster has revealed that the songs for the six finalists have been selected, revealing their titles on the web site.

Although we now have the titles, we will not be able to listen to them until February 20th, just before the selection show  on February 22nd.

Fourteen composers participated  in the songwriting camp – and three of the songs written there were able to qualify for the German final.

Among  these composers, there are some known to Eurovision fans. One of them is Axel Ehnström, a Finnish songwriter, known in the Eurovision circles as Paradise Oskar, who represented his country at Eurovision 2011 with “Da Da Dam “.

Danish Thomas Stengaard is also known as he was one of the authors of the “Only Teardrops” of Emmelie de Forest in 2013.

Also, Greek songwriter Ricardo “Richy” Bettiol, Canadian songwriter Martin Gallop, Dutch songwriter Loren Nine Geerts and German composers Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller, Jaro Omar and Joe are some of the rest.

Here are the song titles:

  1. Xavier Darcy — “Jonah”

Music and lyrics: Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard

  1. Ivy Quainoo — “House On Fire”

Music and lyrics: Jörgen Elofsson und Ali Tamposi

  1. Ivy Quainoo — “House On Fire”

Music and lyrics: Jörgen Elofsson und Ali Tamposi

  1. Michael Schulte: “You Let Me Walk Alone”

Music and lyrics: Michael Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller

  1. Natia Todua: “My Own Way”

Music and lyrics: Loren Nine Geerts, Ricardo Bettiol, Martin Gallop, Jaro Omar

  1. voXXclub — “I mog Di so”

Music: Merty Bert, Mike Busse, Philipp Klemz, Lennard Oestmann
Lyrics: Joe Walter, Philipp Klemz, Martin Simma, Merty Bert, Mike Busse