Germany: Get to know the 11 out of 20 candidates from the 2019 national final workshop

Germany: Get to know the 11 out of 20 candidates from the 2019 national final workshop

The German broadcaster NDR, revealed the six acts out of a total of 20 candidates from the Eurovision 2019 national final workshop.

As we have informed you in a previous post, more than 1000 candidates that have applied , had already shorted the list to 198 by a special committee of NDR . Those remaining were evaluated by a 100 member jury of fans, chosen through a web process. The fan jury  cut down the list to 50 and led to the final 20 best from which the national final contestants will be chosen through a special workshop.

NDR has  unveiled a total of 11  acts from the total 20 candidates!

Who are the 11 candidates revealed?

BB Thomaz

BB Thomaz impressed the judges at  The Voice of Germany 2017 with her  blind audition performance of the song  “Bang Bang”. The specific performances has reached more than 3 million views on Youtube, while the artist itself finished 4th in the competition.

 Sebastian Schub

20 year old Sebastian comes from London while he held a tour in the British capital and Dublin earlier during the year.

 Nicole Cross

Η Nicole has collaborated with several Eurovision past participants , among them  Frans who represented Sweden in 2016 and the winner of ESC 2010, Lenα from Germany.

 Dimi Rompos

Dimi Rompos competed in the 5th edition of  The Voice of Germany (in which winner was Jamie-Lee Kriewitz , representative of Germany in  Eurovision 2016) ans she has released songs in German and English.

 Nina Kutschera

She is a singer and song writer who got on the spotlight after her appearance in the live shows of the firsr season of The Voice of Germany. Eventually she was eliminated on the 12th episode.

 Daniel Schuhmacher

Daniel Schuhmacher has released several albums and has won the 6th edition of the tv talent show  Deutschland sucht den Superstar, which is the German version of Pop Idol. His first album climbed the German charts reaching No1 position.

Gregor Hagele

Gregor has taken part in the Voice of Germany and reached in the semi final round of the competition.

Diana Schneider

The artist participated in last year’s national selection as member of  the duo Zweiland without been selected among the 6 national final contestants. This year she’s gone solo . Take a look at last year’s attempt in the national selection with the song entitled Komm Wir Heben Ab.

Aly Ryan

Born in Germany now she live in the States. One of the songs she has released is Parachute.

Thilo Brandt

Another act living in the United States . He has released several covers of well known songs and has won awards as a composer in many competitions.


The only group we meet so far in the German selection consists of Sam, Julian and Tobi and was formed during a talent show. Recently they released their new single Amber Rose. Could this be a potential national selection entry?

The following days all candidates will record short performing clips , which will display their character, their tone and personal preference in music. These videos will be viewed by a jury of fans and international expert judges. These two groups will determine who will be the national final contestants. Taking in consideration the NDR entertainment program manager, Thomas Schreiber, the total number of competing acts in the national final could reach 10 .

The national final will be hosted by Barbara Schöneberger who was NF 2017 host too. Head of German Delegation  Christoph Pellander has revealed tha the national final will probably take place the last two weeks of February but the exact date hasn’t yet been determined.

What do you think of the 11 candidates for the German national final? Do you favor anyone of them already? Stay tuned on the INFE Network and its reagional national sites for more news concerning the German national final 2019.

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