Germany: The Eurovision Workshop acts that won’t compete in the national final so far.

Germany: The Eurovision Workshop acts that won’t compete in the national final so far.

Things are starting progressively to clear up in the German national selection Workshop as some acts have already left the race that will come down to 8-10 acts for the country’s national final 

As we have informed you in a previous post, more than 1000 candidates that have applied , had already shorted the list to 198 by a special committee of NDR . Those remaining were evaluated by a 100 member jury of fans, chosen through a web process. The fan jury  cut down the list to 50 and led to the final 20 best from which the national final contestants will be chosen through a special workshop. In previous week the national broadcaster had reavealed the name of some camdidate acts.

However, progressively through some acts’ reports and posts we have found out the artists fromt the Workshop who will not eventually be participating in the national final, which is to take place in mid February.

To start with is  Sebastian Schub, who stated too overloaded with other kind of projects and dropped out of the race for one spot in the national final. As he stated himself:

Just a little bit after the Eurovision Workshop in Cologne i had dealed with some other projects and there is no available time to compete in the German national final. It would had been an honor to represent Germany next year in Tel Aviv. Good luck to all the rest candidates.

The next two female acts informed via their sociao medial accounts that they were notified by the national broadcaster  NDR that they won’t be in the national final. Namely,  Nina Kutchera and Dimi Rompos didn’t unfortunately make it to the final. 

Nina who become known from her participation in the first season of the The Voice, precisely stated:

I just received a call from i won’t be competing in the live shows but i am fine. Thank you for your support and standing for me like no other community.

On the other hand Dimi posted:

I am fine! Of course there is a disappoitment but on the other hand i had never planned to compete in the national selection or had it cross my mind that i would reach in the top 20.

Last acts to inform us tha the won’t take part in the national final is  Thilo Berndt. Thilo posted on his Facebook account:

I was informed that i won’t be in the next round. I don’t feel sad but i just hoped that my choice would have opened some door and made me more known. The panel is doing their job right and are evaluating the entries based on which is the most representative for Eurovision. I feel honored having reached in the top 20 out of 1000 and they looked after me really good at the workshop, giving me the space to remain loyal to my identity as an artist

Judging by all this the country’s Eurovision panel  and an international jury have moved on to evaluating the 90 seconds video clips that the acts have sent in . However, We still don’t have any update on what has happened with the rest of the acts we go to know as the workshop’s participants: BB Thomaz, Nicole Cross, Daniel Schumacher, Gregor Hagele, Diana Schneider, Aly Ryan and Barna. According to the published update 16 acts remain in the race, but there is a chance that some of them have already been received same notifications and have chosen not to go public about it.

The quest for songs will start immediately, as in mid November workshops for composer will take place in order to pick out the songs that will compete in the national final.

This rather multi level complicated procedure followed by the German broadcaster last year brought a top 5 placing for the country. Lets remember Michael’s touching performance in Lisbon :



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