Germany’s first rehearsal

Germany’s first rehearsal

6th day in Stockholm, the local time is 10:00 am and everything is ready for the first rehearsal of the day. Germany and Jamie-Lee is ready to get on stage, with her ghost.

Jamie-Lee is a fan of the Japanese Decora Kei style (Manga look). She wears a light blue skirt, a silver shirt with waddings, she has a lot of colorful bracelets on her both arms and  kind of a bow on her hair. The dominant color of her outfit is light blue.

The performance begins and we have the illusion that we are in a forest. There are trees on stage with green laser beams and a lot of trees are also being projected on the screens. You can never have a hunted forest without a full-moon and smoke. Four back vocalists are supporting the singer.

Jamie sings the song on the main stage but before the last chorus she moves to the satellite stage. Today, we had some changes in the song in comparison to the National final’s performance (some high notes have been added).




Stefanos Charpantidis

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