Germany’s first rehearsal

Germany’s first rehearsal

This is really stylish. Ann Sophie does not only looks like Amy Winehouse, she also sounds like the late singer. She is wearing a trousered, one-piece tight black number with a gold wide belt around the waist, her hair pulled back in a bun and a single long earing on her left ear. There are four backing singers dressed in black on the stage, which is decorated by five retro spotlights casting yellow light; the stage is otherwise left dark. Indeed, the presentation starts with the singer having her back turned towards the camera and her head turned to the left and framed by one of the spotlights on stage. In the background, there are graphics of moving round shapes in yellow, white and black that reflect the shapes and colours of the round yellow heads of the spotlights. As one would expect, there is also a tribute to the title of the song with impressions of smoke shown a few times on the background. Ann Sophie looks really confident on stage as she moves to the rhythm of her song and she hits the big notes really competently.

Angelo D.

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