Greece 2017: This is Love for Demy

Greece 2017: This is Love for Demy

Since January 2017, we knew that Demy will represent Greece. After last year’s disqualification for the first time in history from the Grand Final, ERT is working hard to bring Greece back, first of all, in the Grand Final Show.

Demy will collaborate with Dimitrios Kontopoulos (Composer) and Fokas Evangellinos (choreographer) in Kiev.


ERT held a minimal National Final in Greece. The show was called <<Vote the Song>> , it was held in ERT’s studios and it was hosted by Loudaros Antonis and Bouzala Elena.

The audience listened and watched for the 1st time that evening the three candidate songs. The 3 songs were:

  1. Angels
  2.  This is love
  3.  When the morning comes around

The songs weren’t performed in the studio but we watched the video clips of them. The Greek audience (70%) and Greek Juries from aboard (30%) voted for the Greek song.

The Greek Juries from aboard were from Belgium, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Germany (2 juries), Armenia, Italy, Austria and Ukraine.


As it was expected, This is Love won the Golden ticket, and will travel in Kiev with the Dream Team of Greece.



Stefanos Charpantidis

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