Yianna Terzi, as we all know, is this year’s Greece’s representative in the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. It is also known that Greece this year, after many years, will compete with a Greek song and in fact with a song that Yianna and her team wrote exclusively for Greece and its history.« Oniro mou» is written exclusively in Greek with pure Greek sound and style. Composer of the song is Aris Kalimeris while the music has been written by Dimitris Stamatiou and Michalis Papathanasiou. 

What we did not know so far was that there is an English version of the song, which will be released after Eurovision. Today,we listened to an  excerpt  in the live interview she gave at ESCToday.com. Gianna Terzi, along with the duo Stereo Soul, gave the European public a small taste of the foreign language version of “Oniro mou”, which, although in Greek, has made a special sense to the Eurofans across Europe and the world  and is already high on their preference.

Listen to the English sneak peak of « Oniro mou »:

Furthermore , Yianna Terzi  answered to many fans questions and revealed various details about the Greek participation in Lisbon. It is worth mentioning that more 500 fans viewed Yianna’s interview.

Watch HERE Yianna Terzi’s full live interview to ESCToday.com.

Read the English lyrics of “Oniro mou”:

If you search in,
My deep ocean,
I’ll be waiting,
With devotion

If you show me,
What’s inside you,
I’ll be standing,
Right beside you

I’ll never let you down,
I would never run away from you,
Cause my heart will not give up on you,
You’re my endless sea, my eternity

In our darkest time,
I will shine a light and carry you,
Cause my heart will not give up on you,
You’re my endless sea, my eternity