Greece 2018: National Final for Greece?

Greece 2018: National Final for Greece?

Greece is trying hard to get back in the game, and it seems that the Greek Broadcster ERT is back in serious business. The last two years the Greek entry was chosen internally. In 2016 it was the Greek band Argo (failed to qualify) and in 2017 it was Demy (19th place).

This year ERT is considering a National Final for Eurovision 2018 and everyone is working for that. The 8 main record labels in Greece have already recieved an invitation letter in order to to cast their proposals for the representation of Greece in Eurovision 2018. ERT will evaluate those proposals and if there is a satisfying number of dignified participations,  the artist who will fly the Greek flag in Lisbon will be determined through a national final. The deadline given by ERT in order to submit their proposals (song or performer or performer and song together) is 15 days. Submitted proposals will be evaluated by a committee set up by ERT for this purpose.

What do you think about Greece’s plans? Is Greece ready to get back in the top-10?

Source: INFE Greece



Stefanos Charpantidis

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