Greece 2018: Remix contest for “Oniro mou”

Greece 2018: Remix contest for “Oniro mou”

Yianna Terzi,this year’s Greek representative and Her label,Panik, in order to celebrate their success inside and outside Greek  borders, are organizing a remix contest for “Oniro mou”. After this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Panik Records found the best way to celebrate it.

Three months ago,it was officially announced that Greece wiuld be represented in the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest by Yianna Terzi and the song “Oniro mou”.  She herself signed the music and the lyrics with Aris Kalimeris, Dimitris Stamatiou and Michalis Papathanassiou.

From the very first listening, “Oniro mou” won the audience’s love and from the very first hours it climbed to the top of Greek charts iTunes, Spotify Viral 50, Radio Airplay Chart and YouTube trending where it stayed for 3 weeks!

Today, “Oniro mou” counts:

-more than 15 million YouTube views with Lyric Video exceeding 10,000,000 views!
1.3 million Spotify streams.
-More than 60 days in Greece’s Spotify Viral top 50, iTunes Top 100 and Apple Music Top 50!

Yianna and her team, Panik Records, thanked the world and the journalists who embraced the track from the start and supported it on this journey.

The contest started yesterday and those who have edited a remix for “Oniro mou” can send it to

Good luck to everyone!

Fotis Kourouvanis

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