Greece 2018: Second technical rehearsal for Yianna Terzi

Greece 2018: Second technical rehearsal for Yianna Terzi

Up next: Greece and Yianna Terzi with “Oniro mou”.  Yianna got on stage for her second technical rehearsal, calm and confident.


She appears with the white long dress and her left hand painted blue. The lighting is impressive and her movements are relevant to lighting. In the first run,she did not show what happened with the painted hand and then for a long time, we had technical tests at this point. On the bridge, the camera rotates around it and we see close-ups, while the lighting becomes darker.

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In the second run, some slight vocal imperfections were fixed and we see enough smoke during the second cup. The effect with the painted hand again is not visible on our screens. She kneels in the bridge and a windmachine turns on.

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Third and final run, unfortunately even now the director was unable to catch the effect of the Greek delegation  with the painted hand. Yianna lifts off the song vocally this time and in the end, smoke covers her  as she kneels, something we see for first time. After this part of rehearsal, the Greek entry earns greater applause.

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