Greece 2018: Yianna Terzi and “Oniro mou” next to rehearse

Greece 2018: Yianna Terzi and “Oniro mou” next to rehearse

The fourth country in the today’s program of the technical rehearsals is Greece with Yianna Terzi to sing  “Oniro mou“.

A song written exclusively in Greek lyrics by Aris Kalimeri, Dimitris Stamatiou and Michalis Papathanasiou.

Yianna appears on the stage dressed as a Greek goddess with a white long flowing dress. Her movements are intense and theatrical, giving the imposing and at the same time intense tone that the song requires. From the middle of the song, a strong wind blows the singer and the dress drifts into its whirlpool, giving a sense of freedom and independence that results from the song itself.

She turns her back to the audience at the two minute mark and makes bigger movements and waves the dress around during the instrumental. On the last chorus she is on her knees rising up for the final moments of the song with a wind machine.

The remarkable point is the painted blue hand of Gianna Terzi, which emphasizes the characteristic color of Greece and with it she plays with the lights. Just before the end of the song, the singer makes the distinctive cry “Ma giati (but why)” as if she wants to reach the sky and seems to do it.

 Yianna is supported by four persons in the vocals, which are hidden behind the stage.

Absolutely successful first rehearsal  for Greece and “Oniro mou” my and we definitely expect more in the final performance.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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