Greece: Demy’s songs – Titles revealed

Greece: Demy’s songs – Titles revealed

As we already know, the National Broadcaster of Greece selected internally the young singer Demy to represent the country this year. ERT also selected the composer Kontopoulos Dimitris and the choreographer Evaggelinos Fokas. Kontopoulos and Fokas are very famous in the Eurovision audience. The last participation they both took part in was Russia’s 2016 song and staging (Sergey Lazarev, You are the only one)

Greece will choose her song this Monday the 6th of March at 21:00 CET.


Τoday, through the music site we found out the titles of the 3 songs that we will watch and listen for the first time on Monday.

  • “When then morning comes around”

Music: Kontopoulos Dimitrios / Lyrics: John Ballard

  • “Angels”

Music: Kontopoulos Dimitrios / Lyrics: Romy Papadea

  • “This is love”

Music: Kontopoulos Dimitrios / Lyrics: ohn Ballard and Romy Papadea

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