Greece: Dutch media talk about Stefania’s staging for “Last Dance” as something impressive

Greece: Dutch media talk about Stefania’s staging for “Last Dance” as something impressive

Local Dutch media are speaking of Stefania’s upcoming Eurovision 2021 staging for “Last Dance” as something that we’ve never seen before in the contest.

One of the biggerst newspapaers in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf,  revealed that statements by Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, Head of the organizing committee for the Eurovision Festival 2021, about  “something never seen” on the stage of the event related to Greece.

 Journalist Katja Zwart reported that “Twan van de N ieuwenhuijzen said that, although he initially did not pay much attention to this country, he saw several videos of the rehearsals where they were trying to do something on stage that had never been done in the competition” adding that “there are several risks” but which, if they succeed, “will be something impressive”.

Despite not metioning specific details, the Dutch newspaper refers to speculatations that want it to be related to some element of Greek mythology: “some say that it will have something to do with Pegasus or with Atla and the Earth that he holds in his hands.” 

However, with the specific staging inclosing many risks and not easy to implement on stage the final decision has not yet been taken, with the Greek delegation continuing to carry out technical tests for the performance. With the first reactions to “Last Dance” being a reason for the Greek delegation to be optimistic about this year’s particiaption and bringing back Greece to its top 10 golden years, the creative team is in full steam in order for the whole performance to go according to plan. 

The Creative Team

The creative team behind the song sees Dimitris Kontopoulos, Arcade, Sharon Vaughn on the composition team, Fokas Evangelinos as the director for the song’s staging , while Ilias Kokotos completes the Greek act’s supportive team. The Greek delegation this year lies in the hands of Sofia Dranidou , Head of ERT’s International relations departmentwith Dora Cheiraki ERT’s communication manαger supervising the whole project. On stage Nikos Koukakis, Markos Giakoumoglou , Kostas Pavlopoulos and Giorgos Papadopoulos are Stefania’s backing dancers that we will see on stage.

Stefania will perform 4th in the first semi final on May 18, 2021. 

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