Following EBU’s decision to cancel Eurovision 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, the national broadcasters are reacting to the new facts. Among them the Greek national broadcaster states that it intends to continue with Stefania at Eurovision 2021 too. 

Following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, ERT through a press release  earlier today revealed its plans to continue its collaboration with Stefania further on for Eurovision 2021 . Specifically the Greek broadcaster stated: 

ERT has already assessed as very positive the way in which the Greek and European audiences have accepted this year’s selection of the talented Stefania Liberakakis, as well as the cooperation she has had with her. ERT intends to continue this cooperation over time, as the EBU’s final decisions become known.

ERT took in mind the positive feedback it received all this time on Stefania’s selection and Eurovision entry and therefore intends to continue  the cooperation with her taking into considerations EBU’s further decisions. Stefania was internally selected to represent Greece in Rotterdam with her song “Superg!rl”.