Greece : ERT’s administration meets the Greek Eurovision fans; “Better Love” to be presented on March 6

Greece : ERT’s administration meets the Greek Eurovision fans; “Better Love” to be presented on March 6

Not many days after ERT announced Katerine Duska as Greece’s Eurovision 2019 representative , the broadcaster is in full steam actions to organise as better this year’s Eurovision participation. Within this framework ERT met the Greek Eurovision fans and fan media  in a very interesting meeting. 

This year the Greek national broadcaster under new administration is attempting to begin new age in the channel’s way of handling the Eurovision project. Trying to find new paths on how to promote and support the Eurovision assignment , ERT,  met today with the two official Eurovision Fan Clubs in Greece (INFE and OGAE) and fan media outlets. Present at the meeting was the new CEO of ERT, Ioannis Drosos, alongside with the Head of Delegation , Maria Koufopoulou and Head of Press Irini Giannara. 


The meeting took place in ERT’s Board meeting room and gave the opportunity to both sides to outline different aspect of the Eurovision project . New ERT’s administration want to hear from the fans their experiences from the contest, their opinion on issues regarding a successful promotion of the Greek entry and whatever subjects concern the fan community in Greece. ERT officials expressed their willingness to enforce a policy of open doors to fans who are genuine lovers of the Eurovision Song Contest. The whole meeting was held without doubt in a very constructive and optimistic spirit.


Of course such a meeting couldn’t pass by without revealing any news about ERT’s plans on Eurovision 2019.  First of all it was revealed that the Greek Eurovision 2019 entry, Better Love, which Katerine Duska will perform in Tel Aviv , will be released on March 6. The release of the song will be held within the framework of ERT’s celebrating presentation of it new TV program and plans and it will take place in the Hall of “Alexandra Trianti” in Athen’s Opera House on March 6, while one day later it will be availiable on the Youtube too.


Image result for drosos ertA very big sense of satisfaction came to the fans’ ears when they heard Mr. Drosos way of thinking on this year’s Eurovision Participation. Precisely among other he stated :

This year we are aim to the top! We will do whatever is in our power in order to achieve victory with Katerine Duska and bring the contest next year to Greece. We are aware of our responsibilities and the difficulties but we don’t want to take part in the contest just to say that we are participating. We want to win! A significant amount of money is spent for the project so it is important to prove to the people in Greece that this is money is spended in a rewarding way.

And Mr Drosos went further on saying:

This year we want it to be something different from the previous years. For this precise reason we chose Katerine Duska to represent the country. She is a young talented artist totally different from what Greece has sent the past years. Her special voice and sound together with the modern and  alernative sound her songs feature made us believe that this participation can bring the country to his past good positions.  If we fail it won’t be the act’s fault but ERT’s who has fool responsibility of the whole assingment.

And he concluded in saying:

For all this reasons and much more we are making this meeting today. We want the Eurovision fans in Greece to be a part of our effort and find common paths through which the Greek participation will benefit out of this collaboration.


Image result for Ειρήνη Γιανναρά ερτHead of Press Irini Giannara among others revealed that ERT will be holding a big Eurovision party . The central act to honor will be of course Katerine Duska, but it will be an open call to all fans and media to liven up and enjoy a terrific night under the sounds of Eurovision. Eurovision among others means Joy , therefore an event as a party serves well that purpose . The party will be held two weeks after the song presentation . The exact date and location will be announced due to course. In Addition, the head of press, spoke about an ongoing communication with other countries’ press offices and media in order to exchange information and promote the Greek entry.


Image result for maria koufopoulou ertHead of Delegation , Mrs Koufopoulou elaborated on how ERT will proceed with the promotion of the Greek entry. She confirmed that the Greek act won’t participate in any  major promo events Europe as the  budget doesn’t allow this kind of actions. ERT’s promo activity will focun on intensive social media interaction and the mobilization of the Greek communities across  Europe through the local embassies and consular offices.

And she continued by outlining:

This year the main thought is to unfold a series of actions that will make ERT more extrovert. With this in mind  we sought today’s meeting with the Eurovision fans who we consider as one of Eurovision’s fundamental pillars.

A change of time for the Greek broadcaster which this year’s seem more ambition to bring the country back to last decades high placings in the contest.

INFE Greece & INFE International representatives with the Head of the Greek Delegation in today’s meeting

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