Greece: ERT’s Board approves national selection procedure for Eurovision 2016

Greece: ERT’s Board approves national selection procedure for Eurovision 2016

Even though the country has faced its worst economical situation though it’s heading to national elections seems ” too hard to die” concerning its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to a report from Enimerosi24.  which is more detailed on,  ERT’s Board of Directors met recently and among other 10 important discussed issues , included Greece’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.  Item #9 suggests there is tacit approval to participate at Eurovision 2016. Specifically, it decided that ERT will take responsibility of organizing the national selection that will determined the country’s participation for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

Due to the economic and political instability in the country, a  few days before nobody had any news about Greece’s participation in the next Eurovision Song Contest and it seemed to be a subject of low priority. If the latest reports are true then it seems that the Greek Broadcaster (ERT) has decided to clear things up earlier this year. Furthermore it is not known yet whether the procedure of national selection will be held in collaboration with a private channel, like the last years with MAD TV though according to previous  unofficial statements coming from ERT’s side the Greek channel this years is in favor of organizing on itself the whole procedure.

Greece is one of the countries with huge success in the contest the last decade and one of the countries that hasn’t missed a grand Final since the semi finals were introduced. This year in Vienna, Greece was represented by Maria Elena Kiriakou and the song One Last Breath and despite her dynamic vocal performance ended up in the 19th place.


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