Greece: Eurovision 1977 representative Mariana Toli passes away

Greece: Eurovision 1977 representative Mariana Toli passes away

Just before 2018 leaves us, sad news came up for the Eurovision family as Greek actress and singer, Marianna Toli, who represented Greece at the Eurovision 1977 passed away.

Acclaimed actress and singer Marianna Toli, who represented Greece at the 1977 Eurovision song contest passed away on Saturday, after a long battle with cancer. Marianna was part of that quartet  that represented Greece in Eurovision 1977, in London, with the song “Mathima solfege ” by Giorgos Hatzinasios, alongside with Paschalis Arvanatidis, Bessy Argyraki and Robert Williams.  The country was placed then 5th while the song receives wide acceptance until nowadays.

Toli studied Art History at the University of Kentucky, classic and modern dance in London and singing and acting in Athens, where she graduated from the National Theater’s drama school. Her debut was a part role in Aristophhanes’ comedy “Lysistrata,” at the ancient Epidaurus theater, but she became more widely known as a singer, with several records under her credit. Toli had a long career on stage, starring in several musicals and plays, notably “Evita,” where she replaced Aliki Vougiouklaki, and in “Mrs. Stone”. She also had film roles in “Glykia Zoi” by Michael Cacoyiannis and “Rodina Akrogialia” by Efthymios Chatzis”.

From 2001-2003 she led the National Theater’s children’s theater and wrote lyrics for several children’s plays. She also had a show, “Musical Disguises” on state TV NET that had a three-year run.

Lets remember her ESC 1977 performance which was one of Greece’s best placing until Antique’s 3rd place in 2001:

All the INFE Network expresses its deepest condolences to her family and close friends. 

Angelo D.

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