Greece Eurovision 2018: 3 participants for the Greek National Final!

Greece Eurovision 2018: 3 participants for the Greek National Final!

Today the meeting of the ERT Steering Committee for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was completed. Despite the initial press reports that wanted five finalists, the committee decided that two songs, of which the Artistic Committee had chosen to be sufficient artistically, did not have Greek soundtrack and therefore will not compete for the ticket in Lisbon.

The songs that will eventually compete in the Greek final are:

Apo ti Thraki os tin Kriti (From Thrace to Crete) with Chorostalites  (LABEL: SPIDERMUSIC)
Min xehnas ton ilio (Don’t forget the sun) with Areti Ketme (LABEL: SPICY MUSIC)
To oneiro mou (My dream) with Gianna Terzi (LABEL: PANIK ENTERTAINMENT GROUP)

The songs that were judged by ERT as sufficient artistically but without Greek soundtrack are:

Baila Jazz with Tony Vlacho (LABEL: SPIDER MUSIC)
Idio Tempo (Same Tempo) with Duo Fina (LABEL: RECORDS ON TOP)

The next days, ERT will invite the three record companies to inform them about the cost of our participation in the contest and to investigate whether they can afford a part of this cost.

Despite the initial thoughts that the Greek final will take place in the last days of December, ERT is thinking that the Greek final should be held  in mid-January! So Greece will be one of the first countries to choose a song for Eurovision 2018.

The Greek final will be held at one of the ERT’s studios in Katehaki, with only the presence of  the members of INFE Greece and the members of the other eurovision fan club. The decision will be taken only by the television audience, although there were some thoughts to using a jury vote too.

After the meeting of the record companies with ERT, it will be given some time to the composers of the three songs (10-15 days) to deliver the final version of their participation, meaning the version with which the artists will compete in the national final.

This is expected to take place until December 5, when the final announcements will be made about  the date, the venue and the finalists of the Greek final.

Angelo D.

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