Greece: Katerine Duska officially to Eurovision 2019

Greece: Katerine Duska officially to Eurovision 2019

After ongoing reports and rumors the last three months, the Greek Broadcaster ERT officially revealed some minutes ago on the station’s evening news program that Katerine Duska will represent Greece in Eurovision 2019.

It had been leaked to the media that the ERT’s special committee for the Eurovision project and its head executive Dimitris Papadimitiou, had advanced  Katerine as the favorite act to represent Greece at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest.


Today the head of  ERT’s committee announced during the news the broadcaster’s decision speaking of a young talented act that can live up to the country’s expectations.  During the program a first on air communication with the artist gave her the chance to share with the public her first thoughts and feelings. 

Katerine thanked ERT for the honorable assignment saying that it came as a surprise to her that the beginning. She has been following Eurovision the last year’s, which she finds it a very interesting contest that is unpredictable and doesn’t follow alway the international music trends, elements which encouraged her to accept ERT proposal. Referring to her music preferences, she mentioned that of course Greek music was always in her life from childhood living with her parents but afterwards during her stay in Canada she has had strong soul, RnB and jass influences in her music. The Greek artist revealed on air that at the moment she was in London in the studio recording her Eurovision entry and making the necessary amendments to it.


Katerine Duska is singer and songwriter herself . She was born in Monteal, Canada while now she lives in Athens. Apart from classic guitar in the Music Academy she has studied Law in the University of Athens. 

On March 13  2013 she releaed her first song , a demo version of her known now songOne in a million“. Not long after record company MINOS – EMI tracks her down and signs with her a contract. 

Katerine herself during an interview to magazine LiFO stated:

Until then i was nowhere on the map. I want a sample of my work to be on the web so as to attract interested musicians and to start getting involved. I didn’t have a clue about technology and with just one simple upload of my first song on Youtube all my expectations were surpassed , especiallly after i had it playing on the radio, I don’t know what to say. I assume that the network is powerful and things just started to unfold without haven’t it initially on my mind or planned up to then. It all came in a rather not orthodox way”

In 2015 she released her first album entitled “Embodiment“, while the song “One in a million” which is included in the album got it’s  videoclip.

One of her  album’s songs  ,“Fire away” was featured in Nescafe’s advertising campaign in Canada.

Dimitris Paadimitriou, referring to the act today said that she belongs in a generation of acts that bring something new in the music scene and alternative with their own personality. Katerine is an acts of this kind with brilliant vocal skills and her own artistic character.

Lot of fans say that her voice is very close to  Amy Winehouse’s sound  while herself stated not bothered by this kind of comaprisons and that she has gotten used to this kind of comments. Have a taste one of her voice and sound by listening to one of her released performances on Youtube:

Angelo D.

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