Greece: Katerine Duska sheds more light on her Eurovision 2019 entry “Better Love”

Greece: Katerine Duska sheds more light on her Eurovision 2019 entry “Better Love”

Eurovision 2019 Greek representative, Katerine Duska, revealed more details on her Eurovision entry during her interview on ERT’s Second Progam radio show entitled “I Katalilli ora” (the appropriate time) hosted by Fotis Apergis.

Katerine gave her first interview on ERT’s radio show, after her return from London, where had been the previous weeks in order to record and put last touches to, Better Love, the song she will be performing in Tel Aviv next May. Katerine gave us few more details of what we will be expecting from her song.  

Concerning her first contact with Mr. Papadimitriou ( Head of ERT’s creative team for Eurovision):

It was totally unexpected, the last thing i was expecting to hear from Mr.Papadimitriou. The first thing i asked is why did he think of me? it made a strong impression on me , however there was a reason to it.

I’m not a conventional choice, concerning Greece the latest years.  No other act from my kind has ever gone before, usually more commercial choices are preferred.  Mr Papadimitriou said that we are a new formed committee and this year we want to do something different, something that can stand on a international stage. Mr Papadimitriou really believed it and before i convinced myself he had persuaded me. 

It was something that i thought about a long time, it took me almost a month to say the final yes. It’s not a simple decision, but it demands huge repsonsibility, it was something i want to think about from all sides. It remains a huge music festival and you must be sure that you can live up to it and have something to say. It was honorable for me to propose one of my own songs.

About the song she stated:

It is not a ballad, it’s a mid tempo pop song, has a pulse, strength and melodiousness. We started from a demo, that was approved by the committee and went to London to evolve it. I am proud of the final result. The lyrics are written by me and Leon of Athens and David Sneddon  who is a Scottish musician that has collaborated with big names such as Lana Del Rey. But the song has nothing to do with  Lana Del Rey’s style.
The song was written for Eurovision , it preexisted , but i believed that it will be perfect for Eurovision, i wanted to come out with a song of such aura and atmosphere.I feel it is an very optimistic song.  It’s like a big hug, it has a very tonic element. Instead of singing something introverted or dark where i usually move i wanted an uproar.

About the staging and the video clip:

I wouidn’t say that it has a revelation. It is first listening song. simple, easy to understand and everyone can identify with it. I will not be alone on stage, what we are planning is to have dancers and vocals together. The video clip features a scenery, nothing digital and a little vintage.

For Eurovision in general speaking:

I’m making my research, i watch how the presentations are made and which are the infrastructures, but i don’t care about the political side of it, because it is something that we can’t control. Since i came to Greece  i watched Eurovision. It impresses me the fanatic fans it has and the bettings going on . 

The interview went on with Katerine’s course in discography, her first steps in the music scene and her future plans. You can here the while interview in the following audio clip:

The Greek entry will be fully revealed on March 6 during ERT’s celebrating presentation of its new program  at Athen’s Oepra House.

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