Greece: Koza Mostra release their “Requiem” for the refugees

Greece: Koza Mostra release their “Requiem” for the refugees

Just a few days ago Koza Mostra , the Greek ESC 2013 representatives, released their new single “Requiem” through which the Greek alternative band outlines the significance of the refugee problem and team up with the “Doctors without borders” . 

Koza Mostra are back with one more new single entitled “Requiem”. Their new piece of work is a result of the collaboration with  Pedro Erazo . Pedro come from the Gogo Bordello which are a  punk band in Manhatan formed back in 1999 by musicians from around the world and have made several international tours and theatrical shows.

The song itself refers to the refugee issue and its music video tells the story of a underaged refugee that was forced to abandone his home. The new single and its music video aim to outline the significance of the refugee issue nowadays and expresses its support to the “Doctor without borders”. This is no surprise if we take in mind that Greece is one of the countries in the frontline,  receiving waves of refugees throughout the year. For that course there is a reference to the doctors’ action below the video clip and an attached donation Koza Mostra link giving information of how we can contribute to their humanitarian action.

Koza Mostra in Eurovision 

Koza Mostra is a Greek rock band founded by Ilias Kozas in 2011. It consists of Ilias Kozas (vocals / classical, electric guitars), Stelios Tsompanidis (drums / backing vocs), Tasos Korkovelos (keyboards / backing vocs), Dimitris Christonis (bass guitar), Tasos Gentzis (Saxopphone / backing vocs) and Petros Lagontzos (elec. guitar / backing vocs). The band fuses ska, punk, and rock music together with the style of traditional greek folk music such as Macedonian Greek music and rebetiko.

In 2013 the alternative band alongside with Greek folk singer Agathonas Iakovidis won the Greek national final and represented the country at Eurovision in Malmo, Sweden with their entry “Alcohol is free”. The greek entry achieved a remarkable placing finishing 6th in the Grand final, which is Greece’s last top 10 placing up to date. Lets remember their energetic performance in Malmo Arena:



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