Greece: Local Media reveal details on national selection process and the finalists.

Greece: Local Media reveal details on national selection process and the finalists.

Last Wednesday the public got to know through the local media the five names of artists the Greek Broadcaster, ERT, selected out of a total of 20 songs and who will participate in the national final that will determine the next Greek representative for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2018 next May in Lisbon. The 5 artists that made it to the national final are :

Areti Ketime, Chorostalites, Gianna Terzi, Duo Fina and Tony Vlachos

Although the public is waiting for ERT’s official announcement on the subject,  last weekend’s articles in different kind of media revealed more details on the whole process followed and element concerning the number of 20 submissions to the national broadcaster.

According to last weekend’s articles hosted in the newpaper “To Choni” (= the funnel) the process that took place this last 30 days and ended up in the 5 names mentioned above unfolded as following :

  • 2 October was the date ERT sent its invitation to all record companies calling for submission of songs that will participate in a national final to determine Greece’s next representative in Lisbon.
  • Until 20 October was the initial deadline for the record companies to submit their proposals.
  • On 27 October  expired eventually the deadline for submission after the small extension given , so as even smaller record companies would be able to participate in the process.
  • On  November 2 the first session of ERT’s appointed jury took place and the 8 members of it concluded in the fact that most of the submitted songs complied with the broadcaster’s conditions and call for songs with Greek timbre.
  • Finally on 7 Νovember the 2nd seesion of the jury was held and 5 songs out of a total of 20 were found to fulfill all conditions to participate in the national final.

The same media outlet went further on revealing the whole list of the 20 artists and their record companies that had submitted songs for the national final. In addition to this, Newsit ,on its internet site revealed the titles of all 20 songs filling another gap of information on the subject. So the whole list of the 20 entries submitted and from which ERT’s jury concluded in just five was :

EEMUSIC PRODUCTION Mesogeios (The Mediterranean) Vaggelis Panatos
FEELGOOD RECORDS Kati (Something) Tania Mpreazou
FEELGOOD RECORDS Anepanalipti Tania Breazou – Panagiotis Tsakalakos
FINAL TOUCH Kokkina Feggaria ( Red Moons) Κiriaki Derebeifeat LAVA
HEAVEN MUSIC Boro ( I Can ) Stereo Soul
ΚATHREFTIS Ta pedia tis Athinas ( Children of Athens) Giannis Dimitras
MINOS ΕΜΙ Idia Zali ( Sam Dizziness) DECHO
MUSIC ART LAB Pes pws m’agapas ( Say that you love me) Fotini Vasilaki
PANIK ENTERTAINMENT GROUP To s’agapo ( To say i love you) Christina Salti
PANIK ENTERTAINMENT GROUP Το oniro mou ( My Dream) Gianna Terzi
POLYMUSIC Gia sena ( For Ypu) Vasiliki Stefanou
RECORDS ON TOP Idio Tempo ( Same Tempo) DUA FINA
SATELLITE RECORDS Efxi ke katara (A Wish and curse) Νikos Baibos
SATELLITE RECORDS Τa monopatia ( The paths) Dimitris Liolios
SPICY MUSIC Mi xechnas ton Ilio ( Don’t forget the sun) Areti Ketime
SPIDER MUSIC Baila Jazz Τony Vlachos
SPIDER MUSIC Apo tis Thraki eos tin Kriti Ellada (Greece from Thrace to Crete) Chorostalites
VINILIO MUSIC I polli imaste ena (The most of us are one) Giannis Moraits
VINILIO MUSIC Odos Agapis ( Street of Love) Dimitris Kiklis

The following days the national broadcaster will make the official announcements and elaborate on more details of the Greek national selection process.

Greece is seeking its way back to last decade’s top 10 placings .In the Last Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, the country was represented by Demy and her entry This is love, that ended up in the 19th place in the Grand Final

Angelo D.

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