Greece: Reversals to the Greek Final-The final decisions

Greece: Reversals to the Greek Final-The final decisions

Τhe long-awaited postponed meeting between  Greek national broadcaster, ERT, and  the record companies was held earlier today and the final decisions changed the data we knew so far about the Greek final.

First of all, the date of the final has been changed and the new date is February 22nd (and not February 16th). However, the most important change concerns the presentation of the contestants’ songs. While initially it was decided that the songs would be broadcasted via recorded video, eventually ERT decided artists to present the tracks live. Furthermore, besides the first voice, the second one must be live as well!

Moreover, the record labels must deliver the full version of tracks till February 9th so that ERT released them publicly on Monday, February 12th.

We would like to remind you that the songs that claim the representation in the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest for Greece are :

  • From Thrace to Crete with Chorostalites (LABEL: Spider Music)
  • My Dream with Gianna Terzi (LABEL: Panik Entertainment)
  • Don’t forget the sun with Areti Ketime (LABEL: Spicy)

Fotis Kourouvanis

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