Greece: Sakis Rouvas has released his new album “Sta Kalitera Mou”

Greece: Sakis Rouvas has released his new album “Sta Kalitera Mou”

Sakis Rouvas, recently released the brand new album entitled “Sta Kalitera Mou” (At My Best)

Eleven years after his last completed album entitled “Parafora”, the unique Sakis Rouvas meets the composer of numerous Greek hits Phoebus. Together the two of them, create the new album in “Sta Kalitera Mou” (“At My Best”), a musical collaboration consisting of 10 brand new songs, ready to conquer the charts. The title of the album is not accidental. The leading Greek star Sakis Rouvas is literally “At His Best”, more mature and creative than ever, with sounds that stand out from the first listen. 

The Album’s tracks

The album “Sta Kalitera Mou” (“At My Best”) includes a total of 10 hits. The long-awaited album of Sakis Rouvas has been released in all digital stores and streaming services by Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company.

Sakis Rouvas in Eurovision

Sakis Rouvas represented Greece in the Eurovision song contest twice, in 2004 with the song “Shake it” winning the third place with 252 points and in 2009 with the song “This is our night” finishing in seventh place with 120 points.

News source: hit-channel.comImage: Minos EMI

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