Greece, San Marino, The Netherlands and Sweden announced their (familliar) spokespersons

Greece, San Marino, The Netherlands and Sweden announced their (familliar) spokespersons

Three former Eurovision participants and one that was really close to represent her country this year, were announced as spokespersons from their countries.

Greece announced that Helena Paparizou the only winner so far for her country will announce the Greek votes in the Grand Final. Helena celebrates 10 years after her victory with My Number One and it would be great to see her again in the Eurovision Final.

Despite the fact that Valentina Monetta will not sing for San Marino for 4th year in a raw, she will have a role for the tiny country and in this year Eurovision. Valentina will be again in our screens as the spokesperson for San Marino, one year after her great achievement quallifing to the final for the first and only time so far for her country.

Edsilia Rombley has represented The Netherlands twice. In 1998 where she finished 4th with the song Helem En Aarde and in 2007 where with The Top Of The World failed to make it to the final. This year she is back as the spokesperson of The Netherlands.

Finally Mariette despite the fact she achieved the third place in this year’s Melodifestivalen in Sweden with the song Don’t Stop Believing, she will be in the grand final not as a singer but as the spokesperson of Sweden.

Let’s see if any other countries follow the above examples and use former participants and singers as their spokespersons this year.



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