Greece’s First Rehearsal

Greece’s First Rehearsal

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2nd day of the rehearsals and we are back at the IEC, in Kiev. Today’s programm will start with Greece and her representative Demy. Demy is relaxed as she gets on stage. She will not be alone, as she has three back vocalists and two dancers. On her first rehearsal Semy is wearing a long pinkish dress. Her dancers are top less. The LED screen shows different colours blue and orange. We also see water, rain, snow and a lot of lights. The whole presntetion is about LOVE and how Demy experiences it; in a fairytale, at the stars, through a swan. As the story goes on, Demy founds herself in a fluid environment. True love can beat everything, even reverse a waterfall. Demy was stable and confident on stage but some improvment is need vocally. In general a good first rehersal from Greece.

Before her rehearsal Demy stated: “I’m so pumped, it’s so exciting and I’m waiting for the Semi-Final.”


Stefanos Charpantidis

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