Hungary 2018: Second Rehearsal for AWS!

Hungary 2018: Second Rehearsal for AWS!

Now it’s time for Hungary and AWS to rehearse for the second time.

The stage performance is almost like the first rehearsal. There are white and blue colors in the stage but now we also see some yellow lights.

The singer in the center of the stage and at the second part of the song he walks also in the front part of the stage. At some point the guitarist jumps in the audience creating an interaction and make the people part of the performance.

The use of fire popping up and firewroks on the circle perimeter of the stage make the performance even more dynamic and impressive.

The were some technical problems in the rehearsal and the music was stopped some times on order the problems to be fixed. The vocals were extremely good and we think that Hungary is a potential qualifier for the Grand Final too.

Angelo D.

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