Hungary 2018: Watch AWS on their first rehearsal

Hungary 2018: Watch AWS on their first rehearsal

The rehearsals continue with Hungary on stage. Winners of the Hungarian national final , A Dal 2018 , the metal group AWS is representing the country with their song Vizlat nyar.

The stage is dominated by yellow and blue lightening . The guitarist stand on the bridge while the drummer is located on the central part of the stage.

The singer demonstrates an totally active and in motion performance by walking and running on the stage and on the bridge. During the second verse of the song he moves on to the exterior front side of the stage barefoot. Meanwhile the guitarist who is on bridge head to the audience and jumps into the audience’s hands.

Motion, speed and interaction with the audience alongside with the good vocals  sum up to an impressive rehearsal . The fires and fireworks coming up around the perimeter of the two parts of the stage are just the cherry on top of a smashing performance getting the most enthusiastic applause in the press center.

 Get a taste of Hungary’s first rehearsal:

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