After three qualifying heats and two semi-finals and a total of 30 candidates, Hungary  selected its Eurovision 2019 representative once again through the  national selection format of A Dal . Joci Pápai emerged as the winner of  the final show of “A Dal 2019” and will represent Hungary in Tel Aviv with the song Joci “Az én apám”

A few words about Joci Pápai

József (Joci) Pápai, was born on September 22, 1981 and he’s a Hungarian roma singer, rapper , guitar player and  voice actor. The road to fame for  Joci wasn’t an easy one as he made attempts so people get to know him through several televised shows. He initially received some publicity in 2005 during his participation in a talent show, but no success followed. Almost a step away from resigning from his dream of becoming a popular singer, came the song  Origo, and his participation in the national final  “A Dal 2017” which he won and represented Hungary at  Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, achieving an 8th placing in the Grand final.

Following his Eurovision participation came several concerts across the country and abroad and new work that met wide acceptance by the audience. 

The entry “Az én apám”

After his first participation in Eurovision 2017, this year Joci won the national final of “A Dal 2019” and will represent the country with his song “Az én apám” . Behind the lyrics of the song is  Molnár Ferenc while the composition is work of  Joci himself and  Ferenc Molnár. Behind the orchestration of the song is Daniel Somogyvári. The song speaks of his father who has played are significant role in the act’s life. is father was the leader of a gypsy orchestra , a fact that has left strong influences in Joci’s music. 
Take a look at the lyrics below:
My father has brought me up like the winds
Gentle songs he breathes, tales he sings
He used to live where all the roads come to an end
Forever and a day for my life couldn’t amend
Strings resound in my ear with his heart
Behold him now with aging time in the face of mine
His faith is mine – confessing it makes me proud
Forever and a day his tune I keep humming aloud
Days of the past, jolly lovely days
Memories that soothe my soul
He calls me and I’m right on my way
Just playing forevermore
Songs of the past, memories everlast
The rays of the sun make me warm
Yet I can hear as the wind blows
I can hear his voice as the wind blows
Na na na…
My sorrow’s gone as he sings his song
All I have: to him I always belong
I will tell my boy with my head held high
This is my father. And here’s the home of mine
Days of the past, jolly lovely days
Memories that soothe my soul
He calls me and I’m right on my way
Just playing forevermore
Songs of the past memories everlast
The rays of the sun make me warm
The wind breathes a lullaby, may I dream sweet dreams
The wind breathes a lullaby, whispers in my ear
Na na na…
Here is the official music video of the Hungarian Eurovision 2019 entry:

The Eurovision Story So Far

The Hungarians made an attempt to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993. They participated in the special prelimary semi-final in Ljubiana with Andrea Szulak‘s Arva reggel. The country failed to win one of the three spots that led to Millstreet in Ireland.

In 1994 the country finally debuted in the contest with Friderika Bayer and her song Kinek mondjam el vetkeimet achieving a 4th place in Dublin, which is the Hungary’s best placing up to date. In 1999 the country withdrew from the contest and came back after a six years break, in 2005. In its 16 participations has achieved 6 top 10 placings, specifically:  4th in 1994, 5th in 2014, 8th in 2017 and 9th in 2007 and 10th in 2013.

In 2018 the winners of its traditional national selection A Dal, Rock band AWS represented the country in  Lisbon with their entry Viszlat Nyar. The band achieved a 21st placing in the Grand Final