Hungary: MTVA reveals acts and songs of A Dal 2019 and further details

Hungary: MTVA reveals acts and songs of A Dal 2019 and further details

The Hungarian national broadcaster, MTVA, held a special press conference today during which it unveiled the 30 participants, the songs , the jury members and the hosts of A Dal 2019, Hungary’s national selection format for determing its Eurovision representative.


As the previous years this year’s edition of A Dal while have 30 participants who will compete in 3 preliminary rounds, 10 acts in each round. Once the three preliminary rounds take place a total of 18 acts will qualify to the semi finals. The 18 acts will split up in two semi final shows , 9 in each one. From the semi finals a total of 8 songs will qualify to the grand final.

It has already been revealed that two additional prizes will be given as part of A Dal 2019. Awards will be presented for the song with the best lyrics and the participant as the best new discovery through A Dal. The winner of A Dal 2019 will represent Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Some of the competing songs have already been released on the network , however if you want to have a taste of all 30 entries you can listen a short piece of them here

Among the 30 contestants we meet some familiar to the Eurovision family acts, such as,  András Kállay-Saunders (as member of the group The Middletonz) who achieved a 5th placing for Hungary in Eurovision 2014 with his entry  Running, Joci Pápai who brought a 8th placing for the country in Eurovision 2017 with his song  Origo. The list includes several A Dal past participants who didn’t manage to win the golden ticket to the Eurovision stage such as Timi Antal (2014), Gergő Oláh (2015-2017), Bence Vara (2015, 2017), Olivér Berkes (2016, 2017), Petruska (2016), Kyra Fedor (2017), Leander Kills (2017, 2018), yesyes. 


Hosts of the A Dal show this year will be Freddie represented Hungary in Eurovision 2016 with his entry pioneer (19th place)  alongside with Bogi Dallos who participated in A Dal from 2013-2015. On the other had the jury will consist of  the 4 following members: Miklós Both, Misi Mező, Lilla Vincze, Feró Nagy.


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