Hungary: Pápai Joci for Hungary

Hungary: Pápai Joci for Hungary

A Dal is over in Hungary and Pápai Joci with his song Origo is the winner . This will be Hungary’s 16th participation in the contest.

After 6 weeks and 30 songs,Pápai Joci won the contest with his song Origo. Although Gabi Toth was the big favourite to win, she failed to reach the Super final of the show.

Again, we had two parts in the show. In the first part the jury had 4,6,8 and 10 points to award at the songs. The 4 songs with the most points proceded to the super Final were the televoters chose the winner.



Hosts of this night were again Csilla Tatár & Levente Harsányi. The jury consisted of  Caramel,  Zséda,   Károly Frenreisz and Miklós Both.



Stefanos Charpantidis

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