Hungary : The results of the first semifinal of A Dal 2018.

Hungary : The results of the first semifinal of A Dal 2018.

After three qualifying rounds and a total of 30 contestants, we reached the first of two A Dal semifinals, the process of choosing a Hungarian representative for Eurovision 2018. From each qualifying round, 18 songs took the ticket for the semifinals. Today nine have competed, of whom only four qualified in the A Dal final. The hosts were Kriszta Rátonyi and Freddie, the Hungarian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

The contestants of tonight’s show were :

Gergely Dánielfy – Azt mondtad

Roland Gulyás – H Y P N O T I Z E D

SativuS – Lusta lány

Ham ko HamBármerre jársz

Gábor Heincz Biga – Good Vibez

Gabi Knoll – Nobody to Die For

Leander Kills – Nem szól harang

Maszkura és a tücsökraj – Nagybetűs szavak

Zsolt Süle – Zöld a május

As in the previous shows, the vote system was consisted of 2 rounds where in the first round the jury (80%) and the audience (20%) voted for the participants of their choice. The three highest ranked qualifiers are as follows :

In the second round of the vote, the remaining 6 were face  into the public vote, where the qualified for the final is :

The results and the scoring board is at follows :

# Artists Songs points Αποτέλεσμα
Nézők Σ
01 Ham ko Ham Bármerre jársz (Tóth G. Zoltán / Kathy Zsolt) 7 7 8 8 6 36
02 Heincz Gábor «BIGA» Good Vibez (Heincz Gábor / Méhes Adrián) 9 9 9 8 7 42 qualified
03 SativuS Lusta lány (Szabó Márton / Pájer Gábor) 8 6 7 7 5 33
04 Knoll Gabi Nobody to Die For (Knoll Gabi, Burai Krisztián, Stanislav Bendarzsevszkij / Knoll Gabi) 7 9 8 8 5 37
05 Maszkura és a tücsökraj Nagybetűs szavak (Biró Szabolcs, Boros Gábor, Földesi Attila, Kertész Csaba, Vikukel Dániel / Biró Szabolcs) 8 8 8 8 5 37
06 Süle Zsolt Zöld a május (Süle Zsolt, Bodnár Péter / Süle Zsolt) 9 10 10 10 6 45 qualified
07 Gulyás Roland H Y P N O T I Z E D (Márta Alex) 8 7 7 6 7 35
08 Dánielfy Gergely Azt mondtad (Dánielfy Gergely / Völgyesi Árpád) 9 10 10 10 8 47 qualified
09 Leander Kills Nem szól harang (Köteles Leander) 8 8 8 9 8 41

The 4 – member jury was composed of Judit Schell, actress, Misi Mező, the lead singer and guitarist of the Hungarian band Magna Cum Laude,
Karel Frenreisz, one of the biggest names and composers of the so-called Big Generation, band-member of Metro, LGT and Skorpió and finally Miklós Both two times Fonogram-award winner performer and composer.

Next Saturday on the 17th of February, the second semifinal will take place. Four songs from each semi-final will qualify for the big final of A Dal 2018 to be held on February the 24th

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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