Iceland: Ari Ólafsson talks to INFEGreece

Iceland: Ari Ólafsson talks to INFEGreece

Ari Ólafsson, the 19-year-old singer, is this year’s Icelandic represenantive at 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. He has emerged as the great winner of the country’s  «Songvakeppnin 2018» national final. InfeGreece asked him to answer some questions they had to do with his participation in Eurovision.

He has been very grateful to respond in a very short space of time and you can enjoy the exclusive interview he has given us.

-INFE: Good evening, Ari, I’m glad you accepted our invitation.First of all,congratulations on your victory at Songvakeppnin and being Iceland’s next representative in the conetst. How do you feel that this opportunity is being given to you?

Ari: Thank you very much Giannis. I feel great, it’s the most amazing thing ever happened to me.

-INFE: Can you tell us how your career started in the artistic field?

Ari: My career started when I was 11 when I played Oliver Twist at the National Theater of Iceland.

-INFE: How would you describe «Our Choice» and what is its message?

Ari: No matter who you are and where you are from, you will always experience the pain in your life and all the people you see every day have experienced some kind of pain. That is why it is so important for us to choose to show love and compassion instead of judging and showing disrespect. Be part of the solution rather than the problem.


-INFE: Iceland has not managed to be in the Grand Final for three consecutive years. Do you think this year will change this?

Ari: I feel very confident with this song, it is strong, catchy and has a strong message. However, at the end of the day no one knows the course of Eurovision. It will always surprise us!

-INFE: What do you think is the recipe to make a right choice?

Ari: We always have to think before we act and try to approach each situation with positive energy and courtesy.

-INFE: Do you believe in Eurovision favorites or all depends on the final performance on stage?

Ari: I think everything has to do with the final appearance on the stage.

-INFE: Will something change in your stage presence in Lisbon or focus only on your voice?

Ari: Of course there will be some changes but I always focus on the vocal result.


-INFE: What do you think was the motivation for the Eurovision audience to vote last year’s winning song «Amar pelos Dois»?

Ari: This song was so special and in a way that won everyone’s heart. The appearance of Salvador Sobral was as amazing as if time froze.

-INFE: What is your favorite Greek presence?

Ari: I’ll always choose Number One, I love this song so much.

-INFE: What is your favorite participation in Eurovision in general and why?

Ari: Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, Johny Logan’s Hold Me Now, Coming Home by Sjonni’s Friends and Amar Pelos Dois of Salvador. I believe because when I hear these songs, I feel emotional and I love it when the songs can make you feel so strong emotions.

INFEGreece thanks Ari for this pleasant interview and wishes him good luck in the first semifinals on May 8.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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