Iceland: Daði Freyr drops his new track “Where We Wanna Be”

Iceland: Daði Freyr drops his new track “Where We Wanna Be”

The Icelandic Eurovision 2020 act and one of the favorites to have win the contest if it had taken place, Daði Freyr, has released his new single title “Where we wanna be”. 

More than two months ago , Daði Freyrwon the Icelandic national final, Songvakkepnin 2020, with the song  “Think About Things”   and the earned the right to represent the country in Rotterdam. The covid-19 outbreak came up, the contest was cancelled but the Icelandic entry went viral in many countries and won the first place in several polls and alternative Eurovision votings that replaced this year’s canceled ESC 2020 shows.

Now Daði Freyr is back with with his follow-up  single “Where we wanna be” . His  new song keeps the 80’s spirit in the picutre maintaining the same disco beat we saw in his ESC 2020 entry.  The song feature a retro vibe alongside and a catchy rhythm.

The lyrics of the song are obviously influenced by the current siuation with most of the globe restricted home cause of the cornavirus pandemic. Additionally, the official music video of the song is a home made video, that takes place in Daði’s living room, a clear reference also to the quarantined home people.

About Dadi Freyr

Dadi Freyr is no stranger to the Eurovision world and the Icelandic national finals , as he had participated in Songvakkepnin 2017, when he finished 2nd. This year’s entry was dedicated to his young daughter, aged only 10 months as he would like to know how she “Thinks about things” . The band was formed exclusively for the ESC 2020  national final and is made up by his wife behind the vocals, two friends on the bass and drums while his sister and one more friend complete the team.

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