Iceland: Daði Freyr shares his plans regarding Eurovision 2021 preparations

Iceland: Daði Freyr shares his plans regarding Eurovision 2021 preparations

Iceland’s Eurovision 2021 representative Daði Freyr has shared some information on his current preparations about his potential entry for next year’s contest. 

The ESC 2021 hopeful, Daði Freyr within  an interview to shed some light on his plans that have to do with his Eurovision 2021 preparations and how he will choose the entry that he will perform at Rotterdam Ahoy next May. 

As he state to the media outlet he at the moment concentrated in making the track for Eurovision. He is preparing 11 demos from which he will choose the one for the contest in Rotterdam. Precisely he said: 

Right now, I’m trying to get the Eurovision track done. I’m making around 11 rough demos and ideas, then I’ll pick one and focus on that.

Talking about his future plans in general he says: 

I want to release an EP somewhere around Eurovision, but I’m not going to promise anything because I have to go on tour and do a bunch of stuff for Eurovision. Competing in Eurovision is so much more than just writing the song and doing the performance.

About Dadi Freyr

Dadi Freyr is no stranger to the Eurovision world and the Icelandic national finals , as he had participated in Songvakkepnin 2017, when he finished 2nd. This year’s entry was dedicated to his young daughter, aged only 10 months as he would like to know how she “Thinks about things” . The band was formed exclusively for the ESC 2020  national final and is made up by his wife behind the vocals, two friends on the bass and drums while his sister and one more friend complete the team.

This year Daði & Gagnamagnið won the Icelandic national final, Söngvakeppnin 2020, and were set to represent the nation with their entry “Think About Things” . Although the contest was cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak the Icelandic acts will have the chance to complete their Eurovision journey in 2021 with a new song.


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