Iceland: Songvakeppnin 2020 first semi final results

Iceland: Songvakeppnin 2020 first semi final results

The Icelandic national selection kiced off tonight with the first semi final heat of Songvakeppnin 2020, which  took place at Haskolabio Conference Hall in Reykjavik.

The Five contestants that performed on stage in this first semi final round were:

  1. Brynja MaryAugun þín
  2. DIMMAAlmyrkvi
  3. ElísabetElta þig
  4. Ísold & HelgaKlukkan tifar
  5. Kid IsakÆvintýri

From these 5 acts only two made it to the final and the result was determined by public and jury voting (50% each) , while one wildcard will be awarded to one act from both semi final rounds. In the semi finals the acts sing all entries in Icelandic while in the final they will sing their songs in the same language they will do on the Eurovision stage in case of a nationa final victory.

The two acts that qualfied to the final from tonight’s round were:

Ísold & HelgaKlukkan tifar


The Icelandic national selection will continue next week with the second semi final heat and the last set of five contestants.

Angelo D.

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