Iceland wins Eurostream 2020 with Daði og Gagnamagnið

Iceland wins Eurostream 2020 with Daði og Gagnamagnið

Iceland is the big winner of Eurostream 2020, the alternative online contest run by fans and media outlets , an effort to fill the gap left by this year’s cancelled Eurovsion show. 


The 2020 Eurovision edition has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Depsite the initial disappoitment, times demand to keep heads up, urging a group of Eurovision fan media outlets to run an alternative online version of the contest : Eurostream 2020! The sites that have collaborated for the project are: 12 Points From America, Aussievision, Ding-a-Dong Podcast, ESCDaily, escgo!, ESC Insight, ESCKAZ, ESC Nation, ESC Plus,ESCplusEspaña, EuroVisionary, Eurovision Union, EurovisionUniverse,,ScoreWIZ,,,, The EuroWhat? Podcast , XAZ.

Eurostream 2020 included the 41 competing countries that were to take part in this year’s cancelled Eurovision Song Contest. The competition ran entirely online and featured three parts of live streaming , on 5, 7 and 9 May, and last evening’s final, resembling to the ESC format.  The 41 countries were split up in two semi final rounds that took place on  5 and 7 May according to the draw allocation taken place back in January. 10 countries from each semi final qualified to this evening’s  Grand final, where they joined last year’s winner, The Netherlands, and the Big-5 countries ( France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), just exactly as in real Eurovision.


The grand final tooke place this evening  featuring snippets of the ESC 2020 entries, as they couldn’t be aired in full due to copyright legislation, followed by the jury voting and the votes from the fans. During the final we saw the 26 countries compete in the following running order as pictured below:


A body of jurors  determined 50% of the vote while the votes from fans determined the rest 50% of the result. Regarding the members of the juries you can check out the people that formed the Eurostream’s juries HERE. The votes coming from the fans were not be presented country by country but the presentation unwinded woth the points awarded to each country depending on the percentage it got in the overall fan voting, like in Junior Eurovision. The fans had a chance to cast their votes through online window for voting opened from 12:00pm CET and closed during the show.

Jury Vote

Once all the competing entries were presented it was first time for the juries to present their votes country by country. Iceland achieved to top the jury voting scoreboard fallowed by Sweden and Malta in 3rd place. This his how the jury voting scoreboard looked like once all juries had cast their votes:


After the jury votes were in the fans’ votes followed. Once the televoting was added Iceland was crowned winner of Eurostream 2020. Iceland topped the televoting too while second came Belgium, followed by Lithuania in 3rd place. This is how the overall scoreboard looks like with the televoting added to the jury’s score:


The show was presented by by : Gunther Ooms & Joël Braem (opening), Lisa-Jayne Lewis (commentator of the songs), Brandon McCann (Social media), Jonathan Hendrickx (voting and closing the show). In case you missed the show you can watch it on the official Eurostream2020 Youtube channel.


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