Igit – “Lisboa Jerusalem has already caused…..reactions!

Igit – “Lisboa Jerusalem has already caused…..reactions!

Igit managed to impress the judges of Destination Eurovision 2018 yesterday, achieving a qualification in the final with the song “Lisboa Jerusalem”.

The song is written in traditional French style and many fans mentioned that it reminded them of Jacques Brel’s music. The song refers to a love for the sake of which the singer doesn’t want to travel to anywhere in the world but he wants to stay in his little country to be with her. The beauty of the person, to whom the singer talks about, can’t be compared to any city in the world.

The song includes places such as Corfu, Capri, Oslo, Paris, Vienna and, obviously, Lisbon and Jerusalem. But some (mainly Turkish) reacted negatively to the fact that Igit refers to Constantinople as Byzantium.

There were several fans who rushed to comment in either beautiful or ugly way in the song’s video about the fact that the city was called “Istanbul” from 1453 onwards and that they felt that the artist deliberately intended to provoke the Turkish people by using the word «Byzance».

The “controversial” verse:

“It’s suis part partout

Eté dans tous les sens

Rien de plus beau c’est fou

Qu’une dame qui danse

Pas même Oslo Pas même Byzance “

We see that the singer uses the word “Byzance” in order to achieve a beautiful rhyme with the word “danse”. We believe that there in no need for anyone to be fanatic. We have to keep in mind that this is a music competition that was created to unite different people. So let’s stay only to the musical aspect of this song!

You can listen to the song here:



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