Impressions about the first semifinal

Impressions about the first semifinal

This morning, the accredited press had the opportunity to see the first dress rehearsal of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As last year, the DR organization has scheduled a recap of all 12 points that gave Emmelie de Forest the victory last year. After that, we can see hundreds of faces from people all over the world singing along last year’s winning song “Only teardrops”. Emmelie sings a couple of verses and she is joined on stage by children and teenagers.

For the 5th time in history, the show has three hosts, although this time, it’s 2 men and a women (unlike in the previous occasions). The start of the show is a bit slow and they try to repeat the funny moments Sweden gave us last year, but unfortunately, they are not gifted for that!

Armenia is one of the big favorites although many eurovision fans don’t really believe this song is going to make it. Of course it’s in all bets for winning the 59th Eurovision Song Contest, which means that they will make it to the final. There will be little doubts that Russia and Hungary will make it too. Also this time will be a lucky one for Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Sweden, if we rely on the bets.

Looks like these countries are very likely to be on for Saturday, but what about the other 1o songs? Something everybody agrees on is that San Marino will not be third time lucky. Little chances also for Latvia, which fades away in a semifinal full of special effects and impossible acts.

One of the most interesting things of this year’s contest are the Eurovision history bits featured by the Eurovision book of records. In this first semifinal we’ll see the longest hair (won by Jedward), the biggest cushioned shoulders (another victory for Jedward), the longest note (13 seconds for Mary Spitery from Malta in 1992) and the most silvery act (Ukraine 2007).

We all hope you enjoy the first semifinal tomorrow!

Juanma Lopez

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